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My new baby

I'm having such a hard time to get this out there. I feel much safer in this space of my old format - this old blog, that I've had for 7 long years, where I feel like I'm in a safely protected haven where nothing can hurt me. 

But I did work on a new creative outlet for myself, one that is more elegant and more classy and more... adult. Yikes!

It's been online for months already but I just don't FEEL it... I guess it's too private and too personal and all that. But I don't know what scares me so much. The book I'm writing is WAY more private and personal and once that gets published, I'll be so, so vulnerable, raw and with my heart lying on the ground in front of me for all to see. 

Here is the link to my new website. I know no one cares. It's just my silly big ego who's afraid and fearful of exposure. 


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