bombay dreams

surely, we all know india is a very populated country. we also know that bombay is one of the bigger cities of this world. and that, naturally, would conclude that there is dirt, pollution, traffic... and madness.

then there is the internal madness of the soul. the madness coming out from within, depending on what environment the soul has placed itself in.


is the soul constant, undivided purity, no matter if it is in northern europe or in bombay?

the soul seems pulled in opposing directions when walking through the madness of bombay. one moment, it is jumping with joy and love for humanity. butterflies are softly giggling inside the happy, chai-paratha-ladoo-filled belly. love for the people, love for the smell of god, love for the flow of life. and the next moment, the soul is struck by the darkest stench- a stench so deeply disgusting, that the stomach is churning itself around in a violent wish of a onewayticket back to where it came from. it is crying from the sights of dead babies on the floor, vomiting by the smell of a huge open sewer.

the opposing directions, so often mused on by different world religions and philosophies. the yin and the yang, the shiva and the shakti. the good and the evil. heaven and hell, god and devil. and the middle, the in between. is that balance, is that life, is that the moment?

bombay is that. everything at the same time, opposing forces working in the bullring of life, never stopping. ok, maybe for a chai-break, but then back to the fight of life and death. tis moment, now, in bombay...


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