upon completing the thought-process of the divorce from my india love-affair and my feelings on religion and the meaning of life, I bought a new book- "Brida" by Paulo Coelho. In this book I read many things that were scarily close to my own ideas and thoughts.
A new-ager and "spiritually conscious" person might call this "synchronicity". In fact, Deepak Chopra has probably trademarked this term already and is making millions from it... :-)

"I know that we will never know the ultimate reason for our existence. We might know the how, where and when of being here, but the why will always be a question that remains unanswered. The main objective of the Great Architect of the Universe is known to Him alone, and to no-one else"

"Right now, ninety-nine percent of the people on this planet are, in their own way, struggling with that very question. Why are we here? Many think they have found the answer in religion or in materialism. Others despair and spend their lives and their money trying to grasp the meaning of it all. A few let the question go unanswered and live for the moment, regardless of the results of their consequences."

"Only the brave are aware that the only possible answer to the question is I DON'T KNOW. This might, at first, seem frightening, leaving us terribly vulnerable in our dealings with the world, with the things of the world and with our own sense of our existence. Once we have got over that initial fear, however, we gradually become accustomed to the only possible solution:


Having the courage to take the steps we always wanted to take is the only way of showing that we trust in God."

I do realize, however, that to follow one's dreams, one needs a certain level of economic standard and material wealth. If we do not have food, shelter and basic necessities, there is no time or space in the life of a human being to go and search for one's dreams. For me, my dreams were always situated in other, faraway countries, and had I not been enjoying the privilege of being from Sweden, with its social protections, my loving, supportive parents, and my freedom to travel to almost every country in this world due to our political neutrality- I had not been able to do it. A poor, caste-less Indian woman my age will never have the same opportunities as me.

I am one of the very few lucky ones in this world. I can follow my dreams. And I have ben doing so, incessantly, for many years. Lucky, Lucky Me...


  1. Thanks for describing one of the greatest insights i've had after being in India.

    'Having the courage to take the steps we always wanted to take is the only way of showing that we trust in God.'

    Trust on God inside equals the great creative force that underlies the universe or existence i think.

    An act of LOVE is God in disguise.

    Hopefully by following our dreams and fulfilling them we can contribute to the world and people in it who are less lucky then we are.


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