A Freaketone.
Freak: strange person. -tone: addition to a word [Italian] that needs Enlargement.
A BIG - (put object here)
Word courtesy of Gennaro Miano & GP Zunz, Roma/Taranto, Location: India, Karnataka, 09/12

Long hair, long beard, strange pants, many shawls, much jewelery. Travels to India and stays for 6 months at a time. Prefers to stay in places where other such like-minded Freaketones stay. Often old, grandpa-age, but does not like to behave their age. Smokes much cannabis and drinks much chai (=tea)

This particular example carries, strictly at all times, around an incense-holder with a lit incense-stick. He carries it in front of him as he walks, as if it would protect him. When he sits down at a restaurant with a newspaper or book, he puts the incense on the table, and puts a new one in as soon as the previous one terminates.

Additional information: He sports an odor as if he were an old wardrobe, from approximately 1920.

A fine example.