ego obstacle

the Sufis call it Ego. release that Ego-dog, rip off the collar, so you can be with the Beloved, dancing, swirling, mystifying & drinking the LOVE of the heart.

the Buddha calls it the suffering of the MIND. let go of that mind, realise that ALL THOUGHTS are roots of suffering, leave the mind & thoughts, and be silent within your no-self.

the Upanishads, the ancient texts of Hinduism, likenes the Mind to wild horses, taking the reins of your Being, wildly cascading forth and satisfying all sense-desires as they go, never stopping, but never really deeply satisfied either. the secret to satisfaction (santosha) lies inside th cave of the HEART; where the SELF (the soul) is located.

Samkhya, one of the six main philosophical systems of India, divides these two parts into mathematical, logical formulae.
the mind/ego is called prakrti; prakrti is action, movement, desire, creation. and at the very root, beyond this movement, lies purity in its highest form; PURUSHA. this is oneness- purusha is pure, one, always happy, beyond the wild emotional dances of prakrti (lower nature)

all of these philosophies, schools of thoughts, and ways of life, have their roots in the East. they all have different approaches to the actual explanation of what their essence is- but they all have the same basic structure.

the BEING- we, us, me, you- is DIVIDED. the division lies between two parts of us. one part is our active ego- our desires, our thoughts, our suffering, our brain-activity= our HEAD, basically.
the other part is the HEART. where the soul resides, the silent being, the core of who we are, where no outside influences can reach, where no outside knowledge is necessary to KNOW, because this pure part of us just KNOWS. this is where intutition comes from, and where pure love comes from.

why, then, are we not connected to our hearts all the time, when this is the seat, the centre, the core of our very BEINGS?

don't ask me. i have no idea. but i am really curious to know.
according to the above philosophies, this is the reason we are here; to find the centre of our being. to not let ourselves be lead by our heads, our desires, our thoughts, ego's & minds- to go beyond these, and to actually realise for ourselves that we are pure, we are always steady, we are strong, calm, capable.

i love the samkhya system. it really explained a lot to me.
it is soemtimes likened to a spiderweb, with the spider sitting still, silent, patiently, in the middle.
the spider has spun its web around itself. the web is thick, and the spider can easily get stuck in its own web. entangled in its own creation, unable to get out. recognize this? i do....
the complete illusion of our own minds & thoughts. our lives are OUR CREATIONS, WE are the spiders- and if we can only BE that spider, without creating more and more sticky webs of illusions, we can live in peace.
it's not about stopping to feed ourselves- because obviously there is a reason for the web- we need it to get food. but to do our work carefully, patiently, with great care and respect- so that we SEE clearly once we are back in the middle, and do not have to get disillusioned.

the smoke-screen that divides us from ourselves, the smoke.screen of thoughts. thoughts that mindlessly stops us from fulfilling our deepest dreams & truest potential. thoughts that install such a strong fear that we cannot move- we are stuck. stuck in a rut, stuck in old patterns, stuck in our heads, denying reality around us.

dreams are engraved upon our hearts. to be able to hear our deepest, truest dreams, and in order to fulfill these, the smoke screen of thoughts & the veil of fear from the mind-ego needs to be removed, discarded. removing the curtain of emtpy talk will allow us to follow our dreams and to allow them to manifest, continuously refusing to keep the clouds from hiding the sunshine. because the sun IS always behind the clouds- we just don't see it. we just have to KNOW.