the white curtain

i am a white curtain, hanging from a balcony in a window somewhere in the Mediterranean

i am white, clear, newly washed

i feel the warmth of the sun as it rises

i catch a smell of fresh coffee brewing

i start to move and dance as the soft breeze caresses me

i go with the wind, i go with this flow, i move as it moves, i flow as it swirls

i catch you through my dance, and you catch me when you are moving

as i connect with you i come to life

through your soul i come to life and through this meeting i reflect you; through the connection with you (wind), you (fire), you (earth) and you (water) i live, i breathe, i feel, i know, i AM

without you i am nothing but a blank canvas

me, the white curtain

thank you, you, for reflecting yourself in me so i can BE