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an impossible love story

The moon looked around her. The night was silent, numb. Nobody else but her in the sky, except all the millions of stars. She loved her stars, she knew her stars were her constant companions, but yet, they were always there at her side. You could almost say that she took her stars for granted. They never left her side- when she woke up to the night, they always blinked awake, one after the other, and she had never experienced that they did not, so yes, you could say that she did take the stars for granted. Of course she did have her favourite stars, but this she never told any of them, because she knew the other ones would be jealous should they find out. She was their queen, their light and love, their safety and serenity. They all loved her and adored her; turned their illuminated faces towards hers, and looked at her endlessly for support, safety and peace. She knew what her purpose in life was- she needed to be there, to guide all the millions of stars. She was like their mother,…