nowhere to go...but up

i saw this sweet & funny movie last night.
many hollywood-movies are about people who have a dream, and the story is their story, their struggle to get there, to learn & master their dream, and usually it does have a happy ending. these movies are really inspiring, i think, and i always feel really good after seeing one.

this one is not-so-hollywoodish, but it's about a French girl that come to New York in search of her dream to become a famous actress. During the whole movie she talks to her mother on the phone, and always says : there is nowhere to go...but up. at the end of the film we find out that this is exactly where her mother is... up there.

and this is such a strong message. there is only one way to go.... not sure if it is actually UP- it might be down or sideways or wherever- but there is one way, and we are all heading that way. destination unknown- all we know is that life, as it is NOW, will END for sure.

she is completely crazy and does everyhting for her dream. cuckoo and cute and very inspiring. chance. there is nowhere to go...but up.