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synopsis of the marianne greenwood documentary


Photographer, author and world traveller

Met by the intensity of Marianne's sharp eyes, she speaks. "You must hurry! I'm not sure how much longer I'll be around." Marianne is eager to get started and has brought out piles of books and photographs all stacked around the room and on her bed. Marianne gazes at me for quite some time and says, "To live is an adventure. The importance is to not go around dreaming about things, loosing the present moment. If you are here and always dreaming of being somewhere else, you loose that time... I'm an antagonist of yearning and dreams."

Marianne lives simply, with few possessions and little security. Marianne stands in the midst of sunlight in her tiny rooftop apartment. The windows are open and a soft breeze finds it's way in. "I live here with the wind. It comes in and then it continues on it's way again. It's like living outside. I want to live on the oc…

marianne greenwood,

jag är totalt fascinerad av denna kvinna. har sett dokumentären om henne några gånger och hon är en av mina stora hjältinnor, förebilder, och en enorm källa till inspiration. hittade denna artikeln online, som jag tycker är fin- den beskriver henne så målande, så som skribenten, och säkert många människor, såg henne.

Marianne Greenwood in memoriam
Publicerad: 2010-07-05, Uppdaterad: 2010-07-05
Marianne Greenwood in memoriam Det måste ha varit för ett par decennier sedan när vi var på semester i Grekland. På Samos vill jag minnas. Redan på flygplatsen lade jag märke till henne, en ensam, äldre men fortfarande mycket vacker kvinna med långt askgrått hår och en portabel skrivmaskin i handen.

Hon såg inte ut som en turist. Det var en aura av mystik kring henne. Var hon en kändis? Kanske en författarinna? Jag gissade på Maria Wine, det fanns en viss yttre likhet, tyckte jag. En vecka senare såg vi henne igen. Den här gången under en u…


january 2011. mixing!

wondering... if i had endless amounts of money, and didn't have to work. what would i do right now?

i would divide my life between a few favourite spots. some african country, some asian country, and some southern european one. (all geographical details left outside of this conversation.)
i would still practice yoga every day. (but i would buy a new mat instead of using the same old one which keeps falling apart with each practice, forcing me to take out the hoover a little too often)
i would take my computer and my camera everywhere. (of course, some updated versions of both would be more accurate in this new imaginatory life)
i would breathe, smell, taste, feel, listen and experience life wherever i was. nature. people. food. coffee. culture. religion. i would take pictures of it, write about it, and observe it.

observe life, and then take part in it, as it is. that's what i would do. ride on the back of a motorbike through lush, tropical landscapes, rice-paddy-fields and m…

one of the most inspiring & beautiful women i know

she is so beautiful, so feminine, so calm, so strong and so wise.
and her beauty is striking; walking next to her on the streets of London and Gothenburg always makes me look around in amazement at all the men stopping to stare at her.
it's physical; but there is also something deeper, from within her, radiating out. it shows in the way she moves, in the way she walks. it's as if she knows the secret of the world. as if she carries wisdom through time and space. like a goddess.
beautiful Elin.


i find my inspiration in books, films & photography.
this is my pile of belongings.
except for these few things, i own clothes, some stuff for practicing yoga, and that's about it.
oh, i do have a few boxes of kitchen stuff, all inherited from my beloved Polish Grandma. she bought most of the stuff in second-hand shops and on flea-markets. i love it. (love you babcia)
i don't even own a bed anymore- i threw it out recently, when i moved out of the apartment i rented in malmö for 6 months (where i tried being a "normal" grown-up)
i now rent a room in my friend Kristin's flat, and i love my freedom.
to me, real freedom is that of being free from must-haves. i am not attached to any material things- and this, to me, is real freedom. freedom from "musts" and openness for the experience of life.

happy birthday

blowing you birthday kisses all the way down to the desert! hope you are experiencing peace & oneness with nature.
happy birthday, sweet soul. May your dreams come true, may you always be happy, may you always be free!

...on the road

i LOVE travelling!
it makes me feel alive, like all senses are awake, alert, active. i need to always listen, look, smell, hear and feel my way in each moment when i am on the road.
if i am in the same place for a long time, i get to know its smells, sounds and rules, and i don't have to use my senses anymore. i know which bus takes me from A to B and i know what to do if i am lost- i know what the sound in the middle of the night is and i know where to find my food for the day.

but when i am in a new place, i feel so alive. i feel full of joy, precisely because i am using all my senses, which makes me feel as if i am using my full capacity.

i love to travel to strange places; the stranger, the better. the more "out of place" i seem, the more "at home" i feel- because of the use of all my senses, all of them, at once. life reduces itself to a very basic form; the moment. i need to, in each moment, stay awake so as to not get run over by a rickshaw in asia, or…

dreaming of italian destinations

so many beautiful places to go.
rome, termini,
like the center of the italian dream
so many beautiful places to go and

Elin, inspiring beauty

she always gives me such wonderful gifts of inspiration.
she lived in New York for a while, and went to the gallery showing the street
artist James de la Vega. she bought me a book filled with his inspiring drawings, which i still, many years later, keep as one of my dearest belongings. i always find new inspiration in his simple, but yet stong, and crystal clear messages.
here: "become your dream"

playing yoga in tulum, mexico

yoga opens up our bodies

yoga opens up our minds

yoga opens up our senses

yoga opens up our lives

yoga opens us up for the experience of life in this world

yoga is a very simple, yet effective tool for us to enhance our health, life-experience & ability to appreciate the beauty of our existence- in each moment

what my mother taught me about Love

I had a very nice birthday present this year. On the day, my parents moved back together. They have been separated for about 7-8 years due to many many years of disagreement, fighting, and an inability to live together in peace because of this.
But apparently they didn't stop loving each other.
I asked my mother what had happened. How come they suddenly want to be together again?
She replied that the feeling was always there, it never went away. We always loved each other, but in the past, we were not able to accept each other as we were. But now, we have matured, we have somehow aged, and now we accept each other as we are.


I have thought about this a lot lately, actually since last summer, when they announced that they were going to unite again.
To love somebody AS THEY ARE.
Why is this so hard in a romantic relationship?
Why is it nearly impossible to accept the one we are in love with, as he or she actually is?

We accept our friends as they…

ribersborgs kallbadhus, malmö

finding a treasure-box filled with memories

today i helped my parents move. we were packing stuff into boxes. i was in the kitchen, wrapping glasses into newspaper as my father came, carrying a strange, old briefcase, asking if this was mine.
my immediate response was no way. then he opened it and it was like a flood of memories rushed at me. i stopped all wrapping of glasses and just started into this briefcase, filled with the colours and scents of memories.
unbelieveable. i could not remember putting these things together in this briefcase. why would i do such a thing? i do remember thinking many times though about this dress, that photo, wondering where they had gone to, but i had accepted my "loss" as i have indeed moved a lot in my life, and "lost" many material things.

i felt like the man in the french movie Amelie. she finds a little treasure-box in her bathroom, and seeks out this man, and hides it in a phonebooth and arranges for him to enter it. she looks at him secretly as his memories unfold, …

reading this amazing story now

"Oz's story dives into the saga of a Jewish love-hate affair with Europe that sweeps from Vilna and Odessa, via Poland and Prague, to Israel.
Farce and heartbreak, history and humanity make up this magical portrait of the artist who witnessed the birth of a nation. This is a memoir like no other, and one that cries to be read and wept over."

jerusalem & varanasi

these two places... so full of energy and devotion!

the theory of completeness- the theory of life expansion-the theory of living life to the maximum

today i chose to go through pain, to experience pleasure afterwards. i threw myself in the ice-cold sea after spending half an hour sweating in a 70°C sauna, to get the famous endorphine-effect that feels so good. i did it again, and then again again. three times of pain, sweating, freezing and more pain- but i felt so good. i feel strengthened inside, for DOING it, and actually high on life, from the natural effects.

i have a new theory, that started developing in the last few months- a theory that involves expanding our lives and our experience of life, through going into the fire, so to say. (or in this case, the fire, AND the ice)

i guess it started with yoga for me. it was painful as hell. some postures made me angry, i wanted to beat up the teacher and put a dirty dishcloth in his mouth to shut him up, and the pain was excuciating. but it went away- and it opened my body for new spaces, new places, and a sense of freedom i had not know before. through the pain of expanding tig…

the day the snow sparked the inner fire

Sweden is normally a very organised country. Sometimes i think of it as the polar opposite of India. It is silent, spacious, comfortable, organised, and things function. Everyone has a right to everything, at least in theory, everyone should have a roof over their head and food in their belly.
I think this affects our personalities. Swedish people are often silent, composed, organised, and on time for appointments.
The cold, of course, affects us. When it is cold, we tend to hold our bodies tighter, to protect ourselves. The more we have to protect ourselves, the more we hold the body; this, of course, affects our emotional life- we hold ourselves. We have only a few months of summer to release our emotional bodies, and then we go back to protection.
I think the fact that we do have a very functioning society does also make us hold onto it. We are security-junkies- the more security a human being experiences, the more we want to keep it, and hold onto it. This is human, this is sur…