i find my inspiration in books, films & photography.
this is my pile of belongings.
except for these few things, i own clothes, some stuff for practicing yoga, and that's about it.
oh, i do have a few boxes of kitchen stuff, all inherited from my beloved Polish Grandma. she bought most of the stuff in second-hand shops and on flea-markets. i love it. (love you babcia)
i don't even own a bed anymore- i threw it out recently, when i moved out of the apartment i rented in malmö for 6 months (where i tried being a "normal" grown-up)
i now rent a room in my friend Kristin's flat, and i love my freedom.
to me, real freedom is that of being free from must-haves. i am not attached to any material things- and this, to me, is real freedom. freedom from "musts" and openness for the experience of life.