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london life

Hammersmith Station
Covent Garden
below the Strand
London Eye
London Bridge
London Bridge
London Bridge
going South
Westinster Tube Station
@Jimmi's, Chiswick
Best Bagels @Brick Lane
Brick Lane
Going East
Going East
Nightclub Classic
Early Morning Chinatown during Chinese New Year
New Year Decorations, China Town
Darling Jimmi, my London-dear
Jimmi talking, beautiful Alix listening
Brunch @Giraffe, Chiswick
Dragging Jimmi to the Photograper's Gallery, Oxford Circus

Paris moments

chilling with the Muslims in Delhi

I'm a student of religions.
I actually don't know how it happened, while, at the same time, it is quite clear how and why.
my mother is a Catholic, and the first few years of my life, I was surrounded by non-religious people. the cut was deep, between my home-environment, and what went on outside of my house.
I despised her religion and religious thinking; still- when it was time for me to study- it was such a natural choice. it fascinates me deeply, spirituality, religions, faith, God- and especially its expression in the world, as it is coloured and spiced by local flavour.
one of my best friends, during my teens, was a thai Muslim. her family spoke much about Islam and its beautiful and good sides- quite the opposite from that which we later have been fed through media and common fear-based ideas. I absorbed their teachings and I found Islam to be one of the most beautiful, and yet simple, teachings.
but I never felt as if I could enter Islam, when I was travelling. there…

Linda meets a "real" sadhu on the banks of the Ganges

So it's early morning, before sunrise, in Varanasi. i'm staying at the Yogi lodge in goudalia, the old, smelly, labyrinth of Varanasi old city. my travel companion, Katja, is sleeping sweetly on her thin, stained mattress, bundled up with a trillion dusty blankets.
i'm hunting for a real Aghori baba.
I did my dissertation at uni about the Pashupatas- the really nasty, crazy renunciates, who follow Shiva. they eat dead flesh, they live at the burial grounds, they smear their bodies with ashes from the funeral pyre. they drink water from a human skull, and they behave in different funny, weird ways, to be like Shiva. they scare people and they give respect.
apparently, these sadhus only exist today in Nepal, in the Pasupatinath.
but, I had read and heard, that another, related tribe of sadhus, called "Aghoris", still could be found in Varanasi, close to the burning ghat, where human bodies were burning day and night.

So I was walking, early that morning, toward…