March 2011

March 2011 is almost at its end.
As I completed my list of worked hours at my job, I became a little bit afraid of myself.
I worked a LOT and I had VERY FEW days off.
Most of those days off, I had a yoga class- I teach 4 classes a week- so I started to add these extra hours on top of the hours I did at my care-job and realised that basically, the month of March 2011, was spent working, very very hard. On the 28th, my boss said I was not allowed to work any more hours, as I had reached full-time. Then they were desperate for help on the 29th, and I happily added another day to my list, and I still wanted more, (2 more days to this month, two more days to work!!) but they said "enough, miss Workaholic".

On top of that, I practiced a lot of yoga, almost every day, and I spent a lot of time with my inner demons and angels, and as a cherry on top of that mountain, I spent some lovely moments with my dear friends and family.
Great, productive month. Still not tired.
But maybe that trail of migraine I got last night, running from the right side of my neck, through the side of my head and culminating painfully in my eye had something to do with the over-productivenessness...:)
Who knows.
All I know is that I very much look forward to April 2011.
I know it is going to be an amazing month.