my dream-list

my dreams right now:
-to live in Barcelona, Cape Town, (and maybe New York) a few years each
-to travel in Madagascar, the Congo, Mocambique, Angola & Kap Verde
-to write a book (or several)
-to learn Spanish, Italian & Polish fluently
-to go to Sicily, Provence, Portugal & Sardinia for mainly EATING, INHALING & pure pleasure
-to become a very good photographer
-to spend more time in India, photographing & writing
-to spend more time in Kraków, Poland, and especially in Kazimerz, that amazing Jewish area of the city, with whispering walls
-to learn to make Polish food
-to one day have a house somewhere in Africa, in a remote place, inside the wilderness
-to go back to Indonesia; especially Aceh, and spend some more time with that beautiful family
-to travel more in Indonesia; Papua New Guinea & East timor
-to see certain people again that have affected my life deeply, no names needed, I know who
-to be able to make money from doing all of the above, how??-only GOD KNOWS (at this point, one day I'll have it figured out)
-to do a Master Degree, balancing my Undergarduate in Eastern Religions & Philosophy, by studying Western Religions- at Jerusalem University
-do extensive studies+writing+photography+research in Varanasi & Jerusalem, for me, the hotspots of holiness, bullshit and super-interesting weirdos and weirdness
-to always keep fighting my mind peacefully, in order to be completely free from its illusions
-to always keep practicing yoga & a healthy lifestyle (balanced with much pleasure)
-to LOVE YOU freely, without illusions, without ego, with only acceptance, freedom and pleasure


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