on a sunny day

today we had 14 degrees and a happy shining sun warming up our day. what a treat!
little blossoms are peeking out everywhere..
Spring is slow here up north, but it makes it even more noticeable, as it makes us, the spectators, so fascinated, so sensitized to each and every little crack of sunlight
We are like goofy parents standing at the crib of their newborn baby, seeing every move, clapping our hands at every little fart, smile and wave of the chubby hand.

At work today, I went for a stroll with an old lady. She took ages to get ready and wanted to wear all her usual wooly winter clothes, and she did not take me seriously when I insisted it was WARM. (why on earth would she take me seriously? yesterday it was COLD!)
But as we walked, her hat came off, her coat was unbuttoned, and she turned her face to the warm, friendly sun, and she sighed with bliss. Her husband died just a few weeks ago, and today, I saw her smile for the first time, and she looked at ease, and relaxed.

After the walk we checked out her wintery, dry, cracked garden.
We found this bush, filled with little blossoms, and each and every one of these blossoms seemed filled with golden sunlight.
They looked like majestic jewels. Jewels of nature.
We stood there, and just admired the sheer beauty.
So alive, so in this moment. Life, alive, moment.
Isn't that, actually, all we have?
Little moments, thread on a string, and that string, is our life.
Little blossoms, growing on a tree branch, and that branch, is our life.