something's in the air

something's in the air.
i can feel it.
things are ... brighter...clearer...
or is it me, who is brighter, clearer?
somebody likes my pictures, my vision, the way is see,
enough to blow some of them up,
frame them,
and decorate their home with them.
it is hard to believe; my heart stopped as i walked into this home.
i had tears in my eyes
and i felt grateful-
i felt SEEN.
this is the child of those crazy people,
who have decorated their home with my vision.
poor kid!!
what's he gonna be?
(joking. he has the best parents in the world.)
the sky is so amazing last few weeks.
the spring is coming.
you see it in the sky.
you hear it in the bird song.
you feel it in the air.
the sunsets are a wild theatrical performance lately.
i chase them.
lucky enough to drive a car at both my jobs,
i drive out into the wild,
and chase beautiful sunsets.
forest, waking up, forest.
still naked and cold,
but you FEEL the spring coming,
not yet blossoming, but the growth, you almost hear it
as it creaks forth
bursts out
wants to live,
coming alive,
new life
is there anything stronger than creation?
as the light hits us, we see ourselves.
thin, bitter, weak and fragile after a long, harsh winter
we look ourselves in the mirror
and we realise how hard it has been
gloomy hair and skin
dry and chipped lips
dull and heavy minds
as the sun hits our face
we wake up
and say
"oh my god, look at the state of me!"
a heart in a double espresso with equal parts hot milk,
the way i like it
in Spain i would say "cortado"
but in Sweden i have to be more specific
this young, cute boy in the café made me a heart
it really brightened my day
and made me smile
from my heart
and he smiled
back to me
i'm falling in love with life again
as the sun hits my wintery frame, shadow, figure
i am falling in love with myself
as the light sparkles inside me
and the shadows turn to gold
working on deep issues at the moment
making me see things
see the light
see my own light
falling in love yet again
with the sky
this sky, ravishing blatant noncompromised
wild skies
spring storms and colours
birds chattering
clouds forming shapes of non-conformity
falling in love
with spring
with you
with life
with creation
my own


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