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living without legs- and my pathetic attempt to help

as soon as i saw him, i was stunned by his facial expression, because it was radiating serenity.
it was looking up at me, serenly and wihtout changing its expression, as i walked past, with my camera on my shoulder, and my friend Katja walking next to me, on a dusty road in the center of the village Gokarna, in Karnataka, India.
the face with its serene look would not have been such a big spectacular happening if it hadn't been for the deformed body that it was attached to.
his legs were like little frog-legs, completely useless.
he was sitting steadily, and it looked like he was made out of torso only, and legs and arms were just lifeless branches coming out of him, with no purpose.
i stopped immediately as our eyes met. i saw this little boy, and was stunned by the chaotic opposition of his facial expression to that of his bodily expression. physical body and spiritual body were in complete opposition- or was it that his spiritual body was so in harmony, that he no longer had…

the Dalai Lama did something to my eyes

in sweden we have a concept called "vårtrötthet" roughly translated as "spring-tiredness".
isn't that weird? we live in a hibernating state of cold and dark and long for the light- but when it arrives, some of us get tired, so tired...the eyelids seem to carry heavy buckets of water and all we want is sleep. as if we didn't do enough of that in the endless, dark cave of winter...
but it happened to me; last week i was so tired, i took a siesta each afternoon despite my 7-8 hours of sleep each night, and i even cheated at work, in the massage-chair, and stole some sleep while getting paid. bad girl! but i just couldn't help myself.
i felt this urge of a need of change washing over me like a violent wave last week.
i need to cut my hair!
if i don't cut my hair, i'll rip it off!
i wanted an immediate appointment, but evidently there were more people in Lund cutting their hair that specific afternoon. oh well.
i had to wait two days.
and then it c…

i met this man on friday night...

i went to surprise my grandmother on friday afternoon. i had brought some food i was gonna cook her a nice meal and hang out.
she was so happy to see me, in fact, she got really over-excited and started shaking. i was afraid i had given her a heartattack- but she calmed down eventually.
she had a surprise for me, too, though.
she lives in a house with only "seniors" and downstairs they have a cafe where they hang out and have different events.
this particular evening there was going to be a movie on, and my grandmother assumed it would be some old black-and-white thing, some Ingmar Bergman-movie, to remind them of the good old days that have already passed. she said "it might be very boring for you" but i didn't care- i like hanging out with her and her oldie friends. (for a limited amount of time, obviously!)
when we got down to the cafe, it turned out there was a special guest.

a very special guest.

he had set up his gear, and was going to show a movie.

my personal moment

the most important connection to have, is the one we have with ourselves.
if we are not connected to ourselves, to our own feelings and dreams, we are disconnected from everything around us, too

when we are connected to our true self, beyond the cobweb of our minds, we are truly connected to everyone and everything and are able to follow our heart and live our dreams

a daily prayer, meditation or a creative or silent moment to ourselves, help us connect, help us tune in, help us go beyond the constant babble of our minds. we see that we are all one

taking this moment to connect to our source is a beautiful way of remembering our oneness, of clearing up the clouds that inhabit our minds, to remember that beyond the clouds, the sun is always shining

it does not matter how we do it, where we do it, or under which context
what matters is doing it, to remember ourselves, by making sure we live OUR OWN DREAMS, not the dreams of others

i am full of light

what you want