i met this man on friday night...

i went to surprise my grandmother on friday afternoon. i had brought some food i was gonna cook her a nice meal and hang out.
she was so happy to see me, in fact, she got really over-excited and started shaking. i was afraid i had given her a heartattack- but she calmed down eventually.
she had a surprise for me, too, though.
she lives in a house with only "seniors" and downstairs they have a cafe where they hang out and have different events.
this particular evening there was going to be a movie on, and my grandmother assumed it would be some old black-and-white thing, some Ingmar Bergman-movie, to remind them of the good old days that have already passed. she said "it might be very boring for you" but i didn't care- i like hanging out with her and her oldie friends. (for a limited amount of time, obviously!)
when we got down to the cafe, it turned out there was a special guest.

a very special guest.

he had set up his gear, and was going to show a movie.
his name is Bengt F. Lindstedt and he is 70+.

the particular film we were going to see was one about the south of Sweden, but i soon found out from him that he had travelled, in the past 10 years, to places such as Mexico, China, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco.
and not just that- he had actually driven his car from Sweden all the way to north Africa, through Spain.
he had once found himself in the Turkish part of Kurdistan, where his car broke down in the middle of nowhere.

i was mesmerized by his spirit as soon as i laid my eyes on him.
a saying came to my mind instantly:
"beautiful is when the spirit shines through"

his spirit was sparkling, alive and life-affirming, and it caught me immediately. what an inspirational being!
after his retirement, he started travelling. he always loved filming and travelling, but he had worked as a fire-man during his working years, to make the necessary money to support himself and his family. but after his retirement his wife passed away and he was left with only himself and his life motto: live here now, do what you want, and make the most of life.

he revealed that he does not aspeak one word of English, nor any other languages than Swedish. he simply manages by body language and basically communicating with everything except words. this says so much about the communication skills of a person- and the receptivity of his senses- and the ability to use them intelligently.

he just goes. with his car. and his camera. and he feels so alive, so free, so in the moment, when he is on the road, where everything is possible.

talk about free spirit, talk about free from fear, talk about living a dream!

i realised something about myself. about the law of attraction.
how i am attracted to a certain vibration, not a specific look, age, economical status or any outside attributes.
if i am attracted to a soul, it happens on another level. and this spirit definitely made a big impression on me, and left me feeling vibrating with life.
thank you, Bengt F. Lindstedt, for inspiring me, and many others, by living your dreams, and showing us it is possible.


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