my personal moment

the most important connection to have, is the one we have with ourselves.
if we are not connected to ourselves, to our own feelings and dreams, we are disconnected from everything around us, too

when we are connected to our true self, beyond the cobweb of our minds, we are truly connected to everyone and everything and are able to follow our heart and live our dreams

a daily prayer, meditation or a creative or silent moment to ourselves, help us connect, help us tune in, help us go beyond the constant babble of our minds. we see that we are all one

taking this moment to connect to our source is a beautiful way of remembering our oneness, of clearing up the clouds that inhabit our minds, to remember that beyond the clouds, the sun is always shining

it does not matter how we do it, where we do it, or under which context
what matters is doing it, to remember ourselves, by making sure we live OUR OWN DREAMS, not the dreams of others