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sad to leave, excited to go

i lived here for six months
today i packed all my belongings into a borrowed car
and closed this chapter
it was a rich one
where i faced a lot of fears
and learned to like myself as i am
i took a road less travelled to my parents place
and stopped along the way
i saw this mother and child
and watched them as they played in the sunny field
listening to birds song
barefoot on the empty road
just me and the horses
i saw my face in so many mirrors
through countries and places
space and time, getting older, but getting closer to myself every day
i like getting older
more experienced
appreciating more
loving stronger
in this land i was born and bred
so beautiful at the beginning of summer; sweet, light, promising
june, month of light and fertility
"The road in the valley"
sounds like a dirty old-ladies-novel to me.
but sweet, so sweet, this landscape, so soft and welcoming right at the beginning of summer
fields of green green grass of home
windpower and flat fields
this is what i mi…

i just want to say thank you

I just want to say thank you to all the people who support me, love me, and most of all leave me alone to do the things i want to do, without interfering or expecting anything from me, just being there, in the background, year after year, and some recently, month after month.
i would be nothing without your support, and my footsteps on this earth would have been invisible.

today is a big day, and despite the rain and the cold May-day, I feel blessed and happy. it was the last yoga-class for my dedicated seniors, to who i'm endlessly grateful for their love, support and interest. and it is the opening for my photos on a public wall... wine and food and love.

looking back at this year it has been a big busy struggle and also a big busy rehearsal for living my dreams. yoga-teaching, photography, friends, and love. soon this chapter will end and I am taking my dreams under my wings and i am flying them, and myself, off to a dream-location.
what would life be without risk-taking?

dreams photography series

I just finished the project of choosing, printing, framing, hanging and displaying the series of pictures that i call "dreams"
It was an intensely absorbing process, surprisingly expensive, and an extremely fulfilling journey, that I am very happy to have done. It is a very special feeling to see my pictures on a public wall; it is like putting my personal diary up for public display.
The images are taken in India, during my last journey there in 09-10, and what you see is what I see. I capture an instant feeling; possibly not photographically correct- but the way I feel the moment to be.
I chose 15 images that are now displayed in a local coffee shop.

India is full of strong people with a remarkable inner power. Despite social, econimical or religious hardship and oppression, the soul of the people I meet on the streets there, manages to capture me in a really magical way. Coming from a society where outer structure and social wellfare is a priority, but where, at times,…


real love is the ability to see below the surface of a person's fluctuations
and know the beauty of the depths within

connecting deeply to the soul inside
not reacting to the constant display of fear, ego and insecurities we all show in the dramatic dance of love

but knowing that the true source of the person is pure, raw, clear light
honouring this source by always remembering and forgiving

to really love, is a constant choice, which we need to keep renewing
towards ourselves and to those we chose to love