dreams photography series

I just finished the project of choosing, printing, framing, hanging and displaying the series of pictures that i call "dreams"
It was an intensely absorbing process, surprisingly expensive, and an extremely fulfilling journey, that I am very happy to have done. It is a very special feeling to see my pictures on a public wall; it is like putting my personal diary up for public display.
The images are taken in India, during my last journey there in 09-10, and what you see is what I see. I capture an instant feeling; possibly not photographically correct- but the way I feel the moment to be.
I chose 15 images that are now displayed in a local coffee shop.

India is full of strong people with a remarkable inner power. Despite social, econimical or religious hardship and oppression, the soul of the people I meet on the streets there, manages to capture me in a really magical way. Coming from a society where outer structure and social wellfare is a priority, but where, at times, the inner life of the people can be traumatic and full of depression and weakness, I am deeply moved by the inner strength of people in a society where the outside is chaotic. Through prayer and faith, through family and trust, it is beautiful to view the inner radiance shine through, and this is what I take pictures of.

With this series of pictures I want to show my experience of how I feel that we were all born with a dream, and how we all inherently possess the strength to go after it, fulfill it, and live it- no matter what our circumstances are.