i just want to say thank you

I just want to say thank you to all the people who support me, love me, and most of all leave me alone to do the things i want to do, without interfering or expecting anything from me, just being there, in the background, year after year, and some recently, month after month.
i would be nothing without your support, and my footsteps on this earth would have been invisible.

today is a big day, and despite the rain and the cold May-day, I feel blessed and happy. it was the last yoga-class for my dedicated seniors, to who i'm endlessly grateful for their love, support and interest. and it is the opening for my photos on a public wall... wine and food and love.

looking back at this year it has been a big busy struggle and also a big busy rehearsal for living my dreams. yoga-teaching, photography, friends, and love. soon this chapter will end and I am taking my dreams under my wings and i am flying them, and myself, off to a dream-location.
what would life be without risk-taking?
less exciting, for sure.

thank you for the love and the light


  1. gennaro, you ARE hugging me, always, i know it!!! bacio grandiSSIMO


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