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make a wish

but be careful what you wish for...

Breathing in Barcelona

the big city, the crowded maze, all of us mixed into a tiny space
from all walks of life, from different cultures
and all with a story of our own
and a dream
most of us come to a city like Barcelona for a reason
some escaping their stories, starting new
some looking for refuge, money, a career
some looking for relaxation, art, inspiration
alone, sad, lonely
in the big city
escaping something, ending up in a labyrinth of a different type of pain
selling our souls for survival
only to sell the soul yet again to slavery
people come here with money
while some look for their next meal in the leftovers of the fancy restaurants' rubbish bins
the city;
a doorway to a new life
living the dream
new possibilities
anonimously starting over
entering through that door, alone
leaving things behind, breaking through into the new
rebirth is painful
our first breath is painful
"Welcome Tourist. The rent of holiday apartments in this neighbourhood destroys the local so…

right now in Barcelona

after the rain

shapes, colours, lines & Delhi Dreams

one of my favourite things to do in life is to be in a completely foreign place, and just walk around, guided by my camera.
i like seeing moments, shapes, colours and feelings through my lens; capture details of a complete structure through my camera, and get to know a place by its shapes and lines.
i spent a lot of time in Delhi; i was there twice, and both times the city captured me in a prison-like existence, where i had no way out, than to just be there, inhale it, enjoy it, and be in it.
the first time i was only passing through, or so i thought, on my way from Gokarna, to the north.
little did i know that i would be stuck there for more than three weeks, sick with salmonella.
the second time i was going to one of my dream-destinations- Pushkar- which to me echoed a mythical sound and called me there.
this time the fogs stopped me. no trains, no buses, and one of the worst fogs of north India in modern times. the fog chilled our bones and stuck us to the spot; the train stat…

we all have a story

i have a story, you have a story; we all have a story.
we all also have a vision; a dream; a possible reality to live.
some of us are living our dreams, others choose to live in their past stories.
but we all have them; no matter who we are, what we look like, and what circumstances we come from.

today i have been in Barcelona for one month.
i have met many, many new people, all with a story.
some stories are obvious, as they affecting the current situation of a person's life, and others hide their story, while some are evidently free from their stories by having made an active choice to be so.
i met several people here who i found really, really inspiring.
coming from a past that may be filled with pain and trauma, these people have decided to not keep identifying themselves with their suffering, and instead, they moved on, and created their own, chosen reality.

many of us come from suffering. many of us think this is the only way to be, the correct state of being. we ident…

just do it

just do it
just be it
just live it
no more bullshit
no more dreaming
talk is cheap

falling in love

i am falling in love with Barcelona
every day i fall more and more, into the dark, mysterious alleyways of the labyrinth of this city
the layers of people from all corners of the world, narrow lanes and mediterranean breezes sometimes sends shivers through my soul
and electricity through my legs
since i arrived, i have danced more than i did in the past year
i have walked more slowly
i have slept less, but have more energy
i have eaten less, and drunk more cold beer
i walked more, i stopped more
i have met more new people, i have felt more at home in myself
but falling in love is just a phase, a phase of illusion and longing
to actually establish a relationship is a whole different story, which takes energy, commitment, and a lot of trust
just like following and finding your dreams is a pleasurable and exciting adventure
but to actually live the dream is hard, dedicated work
appreciation for what we have, each and every day, i think is the key to living our dreams, and keeping them alive