falling in love

i am falling in love with Barcelona
every day i fall more and more, into the dark, mysterious alleyways of the labyrinth of this city
the layers of people from all corners of the world, narrow lanes and mediterranean breezes sometimes sends shivers through my soul
and electricity through my legs
since i arrived, i have danced more than i did in the past year
i have walked more slowly
i have slept less, but have more energy
i have eaten less, and drunk more cold beer
i walked more, i stopped more
i have met more new people, i have felt more at home in myself
but falling in love is just a phase, a phase of illusion and longing
to actually establish a relationship is a whole different story, which takes energy, commitment, and a lot of trust
just like following and finding your dreams is a pleasurable and exciting adventure
but to actually live the dream is hard, dedicated work
appreciation for what we have, each and every day, i think is the key to living our dreams, and keeping them alive
constantly reminding ourselves why we are living the life we are living, and knowing that we have a choice, in each moment, to change, recreate and create our own reality
it's up to you and me
to live our dreams
i am committed to Barcelona


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