shapes, colours, lines & Delhi Dreams

one of my favourite things to do in life is to be in a completely foreign place, and just walk around, guided by my camera.
i like seeing moments, shapes, colours and feelings through my lens; capture details of a complete structure through my camera, and get to know a place by its shapes and lines.
i spent a lot of time in Delhi; i was there twice, and both times the city captured me in a prison-like existence, where i had no way out, than to just be there, inhale it, enjoy it, and be in it.
the first time i was only passing through, or so i thought, on my way from Gokarna, to the north.
little did i know that i would be stuck there for more than three weeks, sick with salmonella.
the second time i was going to one of my dream-destinations- Pushkar- which to me echoed a mythical sound and called me there.
this time the fogs stopped me. no trains, no buses, and one of the worst fogs of north India in modern times. the fog chilled our bones and stuck us to the spot; the train stations were packed with waiting souls and the boards showing train departures all screamed "cancelled".
so there i was, in Delhi, again.
Delhi, you are a witch, you are a hell, you are a mythical, entrapping labyrinth of a spider-web.
but i, of course, loved walking around in her shapes, colours, lines and dreams.

dreaming of good business, old Delhi
burning sun of the heart, Grand Mosque, old Delhi
fragrantly reaching for the sky, Pahar Ganj Hindu Temple
stapling apples, making walls of colours, Pahar Ganj
bicycle waiting to fly, Old Delhi
triangle shaped fried heaven, Pahar Ganj
the light illuminates even the darkest alley, if only for a moment, Pahar Ganj
Temple crows in the thick fogs of winter Delhi, Pahar Ganj
Stairway to...? Pahar Ganj
electricity on the sky, Pahar Ganj
Ghostly portal guarded by cool bike, Pahar Ganj