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my ibiza

robyn live in amnesia
family, friends, clear waters
food, movement, flow
spirituality; no more commercial. work on my own inner, invisible purpose. for me. not for show.
every front has a back
every back has a front
mixed feelings
windows of opportunity
sunset dogswims

if you add love to love, the love will add to the love

getting to the top

searching, looking, studying, travelling, discovering, reading, browsing...

getting dissappointed, getting burnt, facing bullshit and fake gurus...

looking for "it"
the only way is up?
but what if...
what if, when we get there, to this "up"-place- we only discover that there is, in fact, nothing there???
what do when do with all of this life-experience, the stories we created, the pictures we took, the problems we solved, the things we learnt...

a mountain of life-experience, getting to the top, only to discover that there is nothing new under the sun.
only to discover that we are all the same, we are all one. we all want the same things, we all fear the same things.
we all battle the ego and the mind, we all want to give and recieve love.
some of us are more capable of living purely from our hearts- but many of us live through our ego, even though completely unaware of it. ruled by the ego, we think we deserve more (or less) than others. but those few who live fr…

escape to Sitges

Barcelona is hot, too hot.
My neighbourhood has been throbbing with fiesta during a whole week.
Amazing for those who visit- not so great for those of us who live here.
Live music all night, drunken screams and brawls, stink of urine and no way of getting to the metro on time.
Crowds, sweat, alcohol and noise.
I woke up this morning with the thought: I need to escape this Barcelona-bubble!
So I did- I went to Sitges.
No expectations, really; I know it's a touristy place and all that, but I wanted to see it.
And it was refreshing to get out of the bubble and to a beach that is not artificial (yes..unfortunately..the bubble-beach is artificial!)
I wasn't at all impressed, nor was I disgusted.
I was in a new place, observing the energy of it, observing my reactions and thoughts to it.
The thoughts were these:
"It has the feeling of Brighton!"
"Oh my god, I didn't realise it was so GAY! I feel like i'm in Soho, London!"
"Hmm, some of th…

travel photography by Linda

zanzibar, tanzania
tofo beach, mocambique
little india, bangkok, thailand
zanzibar, tanzania
kerala, india
northern burma
el puerto de santa maria, spain
zipolite, mexico
sinai, egypt
the kraal, south africa
jessore, bangladesh
tofo beach, mocambique
inle lake, burma
sahara, egypt
tofo beach, mocambique

travel memoirs

old pictures and memories of what has been
the camera is the greates tool for capturing a moment
often we don't remember so much of what we experienced..things fade after a while
our photos serve as instant journeys back to that specific moment

Cape Town
wow, what a magic place!
i kept saying to myself each and every day that i spent there, that i could and would and will live there one day. at least for a year; soak in this magnificent place, with the light, the powerful nature, the people, and the dramatic contradiction that you are faced with all the time while there.
my first journey outisde of Eurpoe- innocently backpacking to Thailand and i ending up in the north of Sumatra, in the province of Aceh. war.. but the people, the energy, the food, th nature, the not from this world!

Burma! did i really go there? was that really me?
sometimes i marvel at the magic of my sometimes impulsive decision-making. i follow a feeling, not a logic. i go where my heart tells me t…

how i fell back in love with life with the help of a washing-machine

i am new in this city and it was so wonderful in the beginning.
i tell you, wonderful
like being in love!
i was walking around, buzzing, actually feeling as if there was electricity running through my veins.
but life transformed the in-love-buzz into a routine.
that dreaded thing.
not just routine.
there was also fear.
fear of not making it.
everyone's talking about the economical crisis, about the 25% unemplyment, about how impossible it is to survive here.
no jobs, nothing to live from, why are you even here?

i got stuck, for a while, in a routine of fear.
paralyzed by the words of others, dumbstruck by numbers and opinions.
afraid that i had made a huge mistake, coming here.
how naive of me to think i would be able to create a new life!
i decided, a while ago, to stop my flying through the world, wherever the wind took me.
my decision was a well throught-through one.
i wanted to stop being, as i called myself, "a curtain"- flowing in the wind, allowin…