getting to the top

searching, looking, studying, travelling, discovering, reading, browsing...

getting dissappointed, getting burnt, facing bullshit and fake gurus...

looking for "it"
the only way is up?
but what if...
what if, when we get there, to this "up"-place- we only discover that there is, in fact, nothing there???
what do when do with all of this life-experience, the stories we created, the pictures we took, the problems we solved, the things we learnt...

a mountain of life-experience, getting to the top, only to discover that there is nothing new under the sun.
only to discover that we are all the same, we are all one. we all want the same things, we all fear the same things.
we all battle the ego and the mind, we all want to give and recieve love.
some of us are more capable of living purely from our hearts- but many of us live through our ego, even though completely unaware of it. ruled by the ego, we think we deserve more (or less) than others. but those few who live from the heart, live purely, beyond the constant dramas of the ego. those people are at the top and are able to look others' in the eye- with love, with connectedness, with a feeling and knowing that we are all, in fact, the same. beyond irritaion, differences, anger, colours and borders, we all share one beating heart. LIFE. LOVE.

yes, that's it. that word. LOVE.
love of self, love towards and for others. even loving those who disturb us, annoy us, hurt us. love, actually.
love, purely.
love, and only love.

the only things which remains, once we reach the top of the searching-mountain.


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