travel memoirs

old pictures and memories of what has been
the camera is the greates tool for capturing a moment
often we don't remember so much of what we experienced..things fade after a while
our photos serve as instant journeys back to that specific moment

Cape Town
wow, what a magic place!
i kept saying to myself each and every day that i spent there, that i could and would and will live there one day. at least for a year; soak in this magnificent place, with the light, the powerful nature, the people, and the dramatic contradiction that you are faced with all the time while there.
my first journey outisde of Eurpoe- innocently backpacking to Thailand and i ending up in the north of Sumatra, in the province of Aceh. war.. but the people, the energy, the food, th nature, the not from this world!

Burma! did i really go there? was that really me?
sometimes i marvel at the magic of my sometimes impulsive decision-making. i follow a feeling, not a logic. i go where my heart tells me to go. not logical, sometimes dangerous, but always an incredible andf life-changing experience.

ah, the people of the desert..Sinai..
magical nights, days full of laughter and wise people.
diving in the red sea- silence and synchronization with the breath of our planet.
blue, sun, dry, hot...and cold beer.

i once read a travel quote that said "i have seen more places than i remember and i remember more places than i have seen"
i actually don't understand this quote, techincally speaking. but i feel the words deep inside me- i feel what the person who wrote this means.
i also have travelled so much that i sometimes marvel at the moments i glimpse when i look at old photographs. and sometimes i hear myself telling stories from a journey, which i can actually not remember the details of. i just feel a string of moments and experinces tied together, like pork balls on a barbeque stick from the night market in Chiang Mai- and i love dipping them in the hot and sticky sweetchilisauce to spice them up.

i love travelling.
i would not be where i am, or who i am, without all the challenges, experiences, drama, love, and most of all the people, that i met, on the of road my travelling life.


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