some friendly advice

i have been thinking about advice.
getting advice from friends and people around us, when we need help, when we need suport, when we need reassurance.
friends are such amazing things to have.
they are the jewels and the gems and the prettiest flowers in the garden of our lives.
they are there for us no matter what, they love us and support us, and the listen to us when we need to talk.
but when it comes to the subject of advice, i am a little hesitant to accept it, unless it comes from someone who deeply knows me, my habits, my pitfalls and my weak spots.
only very few people understand me, as i really am, and have seen me make the mistakes i make, according to my individual fears and issues.

i realise that most advice is given from a place in the other person. either a place of convincing themselves of their own choices, or a place of "wanting".
in the end, only those who really know us and love us unconditionally, can give us real advice, and more importantly, only we, ourselves, can really know what is the right thing for ourselves.
and that is sometimes the very hardest thing- to know ourselves, to know what we want, and to distinguish what is purely fear and what is truly the right thing.
but the biggest support is sometimes just knowing that someone is there for us, no matter what. way beyond words.


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