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a January walk: It's a Dog's Life

when Linda came back, she had a bunch of groceries with her. they smelled really good. I sensed fuet, chicken, cerdo, rice and other yummies. really yum.
but then I waited for Noam to come up the stairs, too. I stood there and waited, and waved my tail, and looked down, but he didn't come. Linda sat on the floor with all the bags with all the food around her, and just looked at me. She seemed sad or something.
Then she started cooking this yummy smelling food and I knew it was for me.
But then we went out. I was happy to be out. I was a good doggie.
We walked up, up, up. I had to drag Linda, because she was slow. When she let me off the leash though, I could run ahead, but I kept waiting for her and checking that she was close by.
Once we got up to Parque Guell, the pine trees were really high, and the views were beautiful. I ran all across the park, up and down, and jumped up and down, and had lots of fun.
Then we went to the forest-part of the park. It was really windy and t…

to blossom before i die- 24 hours in ibiza

i spent 24 hours in ibiza this week. although it is winter and cold, early spring has arrived in little twinkles. the almond trees are blossoming and the fields are filled with tiny flowers.
the green is so green, greener than ever, after the rains.

this small island is so full of beauty. wherever i lay my eyes, i feel washed with waves of natural beauty. it is a party for the eyes. for some, the island is a party in big nightclubs and hedonistic indulgence.
new life popping up from branches and out of the dark, moist earth.
before new life, there was death.
my childhood friend just lost her mother. we are the same age and have been to school together.
it is scary to know that we are no longer children. it is part of life that our parents die.
many of us already have children.
new life popped up from the moist earth and almond blossoms burst into colours on the dark, dead branch.
life goes on. in cycles. it moves.
we got to keep on moving. that's what my 97-year old grandmo…

january. friday. lights.

i came an hour early to my new job.
it is located in the barrio Barceloneta, by the beach. An old fishing-community of Barcelona, with tiny apartments and sailor-style bars and restaurants.
I took a walk in the sunny January morning light.
This picture is overexposed but i like the typical silhouette of the Barcelona skyline.
Another typical Barcelona structure. Way too photographed.
I sat down to have a coffee in the sun under this building and realised how fantastic the climate here is. I recently spent three weeks in the Swedish winter, and with that still fresh in my memory, the Spanish winter really is such a blessing. The sun is out every single day.
Street music, dog life. All mixing on the road. Sharing the light and the sun.
I loved how this man just lifted his face to the sun and enjoyed it with his whole being.
Narrow Brceloneta streets, lined with colourful clothing out for drying in the sun.
No secrets. All out.
Lights sold by the Pakistani salesmen coming into the plac…

sweden winter wonderland