january. friday. lights.

i came an hour early to my new job.
it is located in the barrio Barceloneta, by the beach. An old fishing-community of Barcelona, with tiny apartments and sailor-style bars and restaurants.
I took a walk in the sunny January morning light.
This picture is overexposed but i like the typical silhouette of the Barcelona skyline.
Another typical Barcelona structure. Way too photographed.
I sat down to have a coffee in the sun under this building and realised how fantastic the climate here is. I recently spent three weeks in the Swedish winter, and with that still fresh in my memory, the Spanish winter really is such a blessing. The sun is out every single day.
Street music, dog life. All mixing on the road. Sharing the light and the sun.
I loved how this man just lifted his face to the sun and enjoyed it with his whole being.
Narrow Brceloneta streets, lined with colourful clothing out for drying in the sun.
No secrets. All out.
Lights sold by the Pakistani salesmen coming into the place i now work in. the drunker the customers get, the crazier they become. where the spirit goes in, the truth comes out.
i enjoyed my glass of cold cava after a tough shift.
and while cycling through el Borne, i found a beautiful little Bodega.
so i had another glass of cava, while looking at the smokers in the street.
exactly. i just wonder what it is i am supposed to be?
bye bye bodega in Borne. i'm cycling home now.
empty friday night barcelona street filled with lights.
i go home now to the warmth of the friday night inside.


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