a January walk: It's a Dog's Life

when Linda came back, she had a bunch of groceries with her. they smelled really good. I sensed fuet, chicken, cerdo, rice and other yummies. really yum.
but then I waited for Noam to come up the stairs, too. I stood there and waited, and waved my tail, and looked down, but he didn't come. Linda sat on the floor with all the bags with all the food around her, and just looked at me. She seemed sad or something.
Then she started cooking this yummy smelling food and I knew it was for me.
But then we went out. I was happy to be out. I was a good doggie.
We walked up, up, up. I had to drag Linda, because she was slow. When she let me off the leash though, I could run ahead, but I kept waiting for her and checking that she was close by.
Once we got up to Parque Guell, the pine trees were really high, and the views were beautiful. I ran all across the park, up and down, and jumped up and down, and had lots of fun.
Then we went to the forest-part of the park. It was really windy and the wind moved the large pine trees. I smelled many small animals and I heard many strange sounds. I really liked this forest even though it scared me a little bit.

We stayed here for a while. Linda was doing that click-thing with that black thing. I was smelling and running around. But not too far from Linda. Best to stay close. I still remember the food at home.
Then we went out of the forest. The view was good.
The sun was setting early and the sky shifted to blue. Strange people from many different ways of speaking and dressing were talking to me in many different words I did not understand.
Then we walked home through Grácia. We stopped and looked into this patio. Linda stopped for a long time and did that click-thing with the black thing. I was smelling the corner of the street. Very good smell. Dog-smell.

Placa Virreina, I love Placa Virreina. But today there was only one friend. A tiny terrier. But we played for a bit. His owner was a bit nervous, she wanted him on the leash, and then she was in a hurry, so my small friend had to go. I was very hungry by now.
And then Linda wanted me to pose in front of this door. I would have much preferred a few metres away, where the garbage-bins are- much more interesting, if you ask me.
I tried to make her happy, so I looked this way.
And then I looked that way.
And then I did this. And then we went home.
But first we had to stop and look at the old man selling books outside the grocery shop.
Then, finally, we went home, and I got my food. Finally! And now I am sleeping, while my secretary is writing this. I am snoring and I feel very comfortable with life.


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