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the spring is we breathe out with relief and start to live it up

The Barcelona hangover cure

my life in the city

me & my yoga: part II

after my last post about me and my yoga, i received an email from a one of my colleagues and friends from the yoga teacher training in Italy. he has, after doing our training, delved very deep into the philosophical scriptures and the history of yoga since that, and he is also teaching classes in the US. 
he has a lot to say, some criticism and some positive feedback. Copy-paste:

"Okay I don't know what you mean by saying yoga is 5,000 years old. That pre-dates even the Vedas. There are arguments for 3500 years old in that Mohenjadaro seal, but I'm skeptical of that really being anything but the way people often sat. There is much dispute even over what constitutes any kind of yogic scripture -- Patanjali is so misinterpreted and blown way out of proportion, for example. It's only 4 fucking pages and who has really read it? Everyone interprets it through interpreters. I think there are other texts of greater importance, but almost all the early ones which are about yog…

every ending is a new beginning: how i quit another job in bcn

the beauty in Barcelona, is in the details. like here, in a door-handle.
a door is an opening, a door is a closing.
when one door closes, another one opens. yesterday i woke up with a loud "NOOO" and i decided to leave that job at that irish pub with that screaming, angry, disgusting owner. so i did. 

then a new project was born. a collaboration between me and two others. it's an investment into something that might grow. i have a very good feeling about it. 
one door closes, another one opens. 
xucla didn't really have an opinion about it, but i'm sure she doesn't mind that i won't be away for ten hours at a stretch. eleven, more often. 

i took xucla for a long celebration walk. we walked through Eixample and towards el Borne. there is a really cool tunnel which connects the two barrios, where market stalls and bars have little holes in the wall. xucla remembered exactly where it was and took me there, through, running, forward, inside. 
how many trials?
how man…

happy valentine's day: it's a Dog's Life

they say today is the day of Saint Valentine. people buy each other chocolate, flowers, and pink balloons. 

for me, every day is a love-day. 
i give as much kisses and hugs as the humans want to receive. 

bliss, love.

taking a rest after cycling a long, long time today. 
all the way from grácia, to poble nou, then to the beach, then all along the beach, to the W hotel.
i was running without the leash today for the first time. i was only distracted a few times and only by very important smells. i swear. VIP-smells. 

this is part of the barcelona-skyline. the W hotel. if you ask me, i would say it was rather boring. no interesting smells WHAT-SO-EVER. 

d'ya see what i mean? metal-like. too clean. boooring. 

this is Linda. this photo is taken two days ago, in parque guell. she fell in love with the pink flowers, starting to come out, to look for light, to grow into spring, and soon summer. 
i like Linda because she gives me yummy things like pig's ears and tendons to chew on. 

this dog is S…