every ending is a new beginning: how i quit another job in bcn

the beauty in Barcelona, is in the details. like here, in a door-handle.
a door is an opening, a door is a closing.
when one door closes, another one opens. yesterday i woke up with a loud "NOOO" and i decided to leave that job at that irish pub with that screaming, angry, disgusting owner. so i did. 

then a new project was born. a collaboration between me and two others. it's an investment into something that might grow. i have a very good feeling about it. 
one door closes, another one opens. 
xucla didn't really have an opinion about it, but i'm sure she doesn't mind that i won't be away for ten hours at a stretch. eleven, more often. 

i took xucla for a long celebration walk. we walked through Eixample and towards el Borne. there is a really cool tunnel which connects the two barrios, where market stalls and bars have little holes in the wall. xucla remembered exactly where it was and took me there, through, running, forward, inside. 
how many trials?
how many tests?

how many shit jobs, before it's enough?

it's enough. enough. basta. 

i will not do more shit jobs in this city. 

and i'm certainly not giving up, either. 8 months down the road, and this is where i live. for now. here and now. 

i always said i'll give it a year. so here i am, 8 months down the road, with a lot in place, and a lot out of place. a lot of open doors, and a lot of doors slammed in my face. 

but i'm not giving up, i'm not leaving, until this year is done. 
this man was having a beautiful moment with his partner. they had finished a bottle of cava, it was the middle of the afternoon, and they were holding hands. 

i spoke to them later, and they are about to start a business in Menorca. 

i wish them all luck and many open doors. 

this guy probably had many doors closing in his face. completely still, in the street. sleeping. 

i had a cocktail to celebrate the door that i had chosen to close. 

i absolutely love lights in different colors and this vietnamese restaurant in Gótico is full of them.

mmmm .... and then i had some pork springrolls to celebrate the middle room, between doors, that i am in now

lights, stripes, shapes and colors. 
a moment in time. a room between doors. 

and i had a cocktail to celebrate the doors that are still open in my life. 

walking through the dark lanes of Gótico...

this is a shop. how messy. this is why i love Barcelona. chaos, mess= the beauty. it's in the details. 

it's in the lights. behind windows. inside doors. 

it's all hanging out. nothing hidden. dirty and clean at the same time.  

there's a lot to enjoy. 
pick your door.
pick your fruits.