February Walkies: it's a Dog's Life

it's really, i mean really freezing in Barcelona. i sneeze in the mornings. 
today we cycled to this Arc de Triumph.
i wasn't too impressed. i know there's one in Paris, too, much more impressive, famous for its dogpoo on the streets. i'd much rather we'd cycled to Paris. 

but wait... i see birds! yes! let's go!

then we went to this park called Ciutadella. it was really fun. i found a friend straight away- i really cute boy, he was only five months, but really big and strong, and he ran almost as fast as me. we found something that we competed about.
i won most of the time. 
i run really, really fast. 
and if it looks like i'm smiling in the pictures, it's because i am. he he. 

my only concern is: how do i get to all these BIRDS?? my dream aperitivo!

can i drink without falling iiiiiinn...?

i'd eat all of them if i could. easy. 

must. drink. now. 

 then we walked past the zoo. it smelled so damn good and interesting and the sounds were hilarious. i really wanted to go in, but Linda said: "you're a DOG, not a kid" but i could tell she really wanted to take me there but it would had been a bit embarrassing for her. 
we walked in a park full of old bottles and kids smoking weed. Linda is never afraid when she is with me, because i look big and scary. they don't know i have a heart of gold and am made of love and only love. 

can you see the clouds in the water?
Linda likes it. 

David Beckham is doing advertising for H&M men's underwear and he is all over Barcelona. i think Linda was hungry or something when she saw him, she was kinda drooling. 

 hang on! i know this place! i know that sea! i know this!!! let's ruuuuuuuuuuuuun!!!!!!!!!

while i ran like crazy, Linda did this. don't ask me what it means. 

then we got to the Barceloneta beach. there were other dogs and the light was beautiful. i got the dogs to chase me, and i could show them how fast i run. 

as we were running, the other dog-humans kept calling their dogs to come. i didn't get it- we were having so much fun! why were the other dogs not allowed to run and play? well, they didn't obey their humans in any case, so we kept running. 
then Linda whistled to me and said to come, so i did, and the game was over. she lets me play so much, so that when she calls me, i come straight away. 

must. drink. now. 

oh no... i have to pose again! 

hang on... there are birds on that balcony!!!

DUDE- you're WEIRD. 

nice music! i liked this instrument! 
these guys live on the street. they were really really friendly. they all played with me and hugged me and kissed me. they talked to Linda about serious things. poor guys. they live without work, home, and money. and they smell like a lot of alcohol. they are the same age as Linda. 

this is Piotr. he is from Poland. he spoke in Polish to Linda, and she replied in Spanish and Polish in a mix. she felt really a lot of pain for him. he is also 33, from Warsawa. he doesn't want to run home to his parents, he says. he is too proud. so he sleeps in the cajeros- the little houses where the people take out money from the machine. 

 oh no... posing again. people are walking past and smiling. they say i "aporta bien" and Linda is smiling like a clown again. 
 sigh.... is this ever gonna end? 

 No, Linda, really, that's enough. i'm cold, we had such a long day, i ran so much, i met so many people, so many dog friends, i drank so much water, i chased so many birds, and now i want to go home and chill out in front of the fan heater, please. VENGA ya!!


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