happy valentine's day: it's a Dog's Life

they say today is the day of Saint Valentine. people buy each other chocolate, flowers, and pink balloons. 

for me, every day is a love-day. 
i give as much kisses and hugs as the humans want to receive. 

 bliss, love.

taking a rest after cycling a long, long time today. 
all the way from grácia, to poble nou, then to the beach, then all along the beach, to the W hotel.
i was running without the leash today for the first time. i was only distracted a few times and only by very important smells. i swear. VIP-smells. 

this is part of the barcelona-skyline. the W hotel. if you ask me, i would say it was rather boring. no interesting smells WHAT-SO-EVER. 

d'ya see what i mean? metal-like. too clean. boooring. 

this is Linda. this photo is taken two days ago, in parque guell. she fell in love with the pink flowers, starting to come out, to look for light, to grow into spring, and soon summer. 
i like Linda because she gives me yummy things like pig's ears and tendons to chew on. 

 this dog is STRANGE!

nice little shop in Born. 
and Linda. 

open your heart. open your shops. open your wallets. it's Valentine's Day.

i love you, today and all the other days. 
especially if i get bones and tendons and ears to chew on. 
tennis-balls are also good.