the spring is we breathe out with relief and start to live it up

Went to La Playa on Sunday with friends and Princess Dog. It was such a relief to take off those shoes and run along the water. And not feeling cold!

Sunny Happy Days, really, I lucky are we??!!

Xucla makes me so happy in each moment. She changed my life. Every day is new and special. and full of weird and wonderful smells. 

Almond Blossom, never stops to drug me with pleasure. Visually. Fragrantically. 

Aaaaahh.... for real! 
Coming, it's coming, life is blossoming!

And the colours... How did we survive another winter? Well, we did- congratulations!
Now, it's compensation time...

It smells divine all over the place...

This was my office for today. View: Tibidabo, Barcelona. 

Me and Xucla took a pee here. And made a wish. 

Old houses, new blossoms

Sun on the faces, joy in our hearts

Mirroring each other's pale faces

New display on Carrer de Verdi; what to do in a crisis?
GET CREATIVE while you can!!!
The time is now.
We are the ones we have been waiting for.
Live it up...and just do it!


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