what happens when the Siberian cold hits Barcelona: it's a dog's life

i didn't like that it was wet everywhere. i can accept that the sea is wet, but when my playgound is all wet, and my feet get wet, i feel cold. i don't like it!
but when we have to stay home all day i get really, really, i mean REALLY...bored.
i did this.
.....sorry Linda....
so she said "forget about the the rain and the cold, let's cycle to the beach!"
and we did. i was really good and cycled next to her all the time. only a few birds and dogs and smells distracted me. and the big roads with all the big cars were really scary, so i stayed very close to the bicycle and Linda. i even forgot that it was wet and cold, because i was running, running, running!

once we got to the seafront, we discovered that there were almost no people! it was so grey, and different...
Linda told me to run off to the beach and i did... and i remembered how it feels to RUN, free, without cars and roads that seem dangerous, and i just RAN! i felt happier than i ever felt before!
i think Linda felt happy too, because her whole face was smiling like a happy clown.
before Noam left to that place where the elephants live, he said to Linda, that "if something happens to me, Xucla needs to be in Ibiza". Linda didn't answer, but i know what it means now. when I am free, without leash, cars, harness and danger, and i can run in nature, i feel so happy and so free, and Linda starts to smile like a clown. Noam wants us to be happy, that's was what he meant.

i stopped for a moment and thought about it all....

....i hope Noam is happy with the other lions and i hope he brings me a big bone when he comes back.
we then walked and walked and walked. it was grey and empty and we played, jumped, and laughed.

Linda really seemed to like these things. don't ask me why. i tried to play with them, but they were a bit boring to me. sometimes she is a bit strange.

when she was clicking on these trails of seashells, i played with her, and tried to destroy them with my big paws before she could click. i guess she won this one.

Linda likes old houses that seem like ruins.
i liked the smell of dog-poo outside of it.
very interesting.

mirror? i don't understand. but ok.

and then Linda wanted to go into this cozy bar. i agreed that it was cozy. the people who worked there were friendly and said hello to me. i felt welcome.

even though i had to stay in one spot. Linda put her jacket on the floor for me so i wouldn't get cold. a few times i tried to go and say hello to the humans, but then the people who worked there said i needed to stay in one place.
why? i just wanted to say hello!

they have really beautiful floors in Barcelona's old city. i know Linda really, really likes them a lot. she says they are like the soul and the essence of Barcelona to her. don't ask me what she means, but it sounds ok.
when Linda had finally finished eating her delicious-smelling takeaway samosas and sweet indian ladhoos and drank her red wine (without letting me taste anything- that's a bit disappointing!) we walked up to the side of Montjuic, through Poble Sec. it smelled really good there from all the dogs that walk there!
then, finally, Linda had the guts to sneak me onto the metro, like Noam always does. she is finally becoming a real Barcelona-resident, who breaks rules!
in the metro, everybody was looking at me. one girl gave mer her corner and Linda smiled a lot. but the girl who was sitting in the seat above me was moving away from me like she didn't like me. Linda got angry. i don't understand, sometimes Linda gets angry at people who don't want to say hello to me. earlier today in Raval, she was even screaming at a guy in a car who came very close. she seemed really angry. i don't really mind. i know not all humans like animals. i think Linda is being a little bit over-protective. it's good sometimes when she is, like when the big dogs bark at me and when the cars come too close.
then we went home and i was really happy.
it was a good, rainy day.
thank dog.


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