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living the dream

Xucla and I are chilling on the balcony.  Well, it's not really a balcony as such. It's more like a space for the washing machine, the crap that has nowhere else to go, and where we hang the laundry from. Two huge windows that open (with much force) and with a view that reminds me of the Middle East. The backside of the city. The one i prefer. Far from the pretty fake front. Here Xucla has her blanket on top of the washing machine, and she sits shaking with desire to chase all the cats living out there, on the roof of the Verdi cinema. When a bird flies by, she follows it with her eyes for as long as she can, until it disappears out of sight, from on top of the secondhand washing machine bought in Raval. The sun is on its way down, and its coloring the Middle Eastern structures with a golden glow. The wind is no longer cold and the spring is whispering secrets of summer.  Living the dream. Kundalini Yoga, writing, chatting to crazy people in the street. Chasing other dogs. Looki…

john lennon, happiness & success

sun vs money: peace & love

From the top of Barcelona, I look down upon the city that I live in. It's not London, I know, but I compare all cities I visit to London. To me, London is the ultimate city. I say that because I have not yet lived in New York. I miss the endless opportunity, discovery, and feeling of vibrancy, life, pulsation. Barcelona is a small town. A beautiful small town, yes- but too small. It's also a hard town to live in. To make a living in, I mean. It's easy to have fun. But to have fun, I need to know there is a reason to celebrate. Life, love, and health should, in theory, be enough reason to celebrate- but as we live in a culture which values money as the one thing we make our exchanges with, it has become a central issue. How to survive, doing what I love, in a place I love. Barcelona is difficult money-wise and I feel I'm not getting anywhere- except socially and creatively speaking. But it won't last forever, the little money I do have. I'm biting off little slices …


biutiful: my life 9 months later

i have lived here for 9 months.
i have struggled through Spanish classes, getting an internet connection in my flat, (not to speak about finding the flat, and getting it furnished!), starting a Master Degree in Photojournalism (in Spanish!), finding my first job- which i got fired from, finding a temporary job from Sweden, going to Sweden to work for Christmas, New Years & my Birthday, finding another job which i left......

i came here with €4000 and a backpack.

quite a risk.

i took. 

but i had a dream. 

which i needed to fulfill.

before i die. 
so i am here. 
living my dream. 
i read somewhere once that "every accomplished dream is an ambition that is dying"

i got scared when i read this.
it was many years ago.
i now know better. 

if you ask me, i'd say that "every accomplished dream is a door, which opened into a whole new dream, and so it goes on and on"
Sitting in the sun at the Macbah the other day, i felt so alive, so present, and so, so lucky to be here ri…

just a normal day in bcn


Family. Love. Friends.