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arriving on Easter Friday at the airport in BCN to pick up our rental car, the stupid woman behind the counter (who hates her job with a passion) told us there was no car for us.
we looked at each other. then we looked at Xucla. she had nothing in particular to say. 
AVIS turned out to have a super cheap amazing deal including mileage bla bla. 
off we went. south towards Valencia, then inland, towards Albacete. Xucla, the most hugged-at-night-dog in the world, was not welcome in any hotel or guesthouse. it was freezing cold as we were in some mountain-area. we took the excruciatingly difficult decision of letting her sleep in the car. the whole night. alone. with two blankets, the window a little open, and the doors unlocked. all three of us slept well. no drama. i had a bath in the green bathtub and i watched TV. i did yoga in the morning while the two sleepies slept. 

i really like how he drives. he is a great driver. i hate that he smokes, though. he is a terrible smoker. he pisses me …

where it all began: Cabo de Gata

I first left Sweden when I was 20 years old. I started working the day after I graduated from high school, three hours after the party had finished. I saved money to go away. I did my driver's licence, and I found myself a job abroad. Any job would do, and any country, too, all I knew, was that I wanted to explore the world, and life outside of Sweden.  I got a job as an au-pair in a Swedish family, who were moving to Alicante for a year.  Once there, I met many nice people from all over the world. One of them was Georges, from Canada. We decided to rent a car for a few days and go camping. We looked at a map, and we found Cabo de Gata, a natural park, outside the city Almería. We decided to go there. 

Road trips are always fun. We took off in the afternoon and arrived in the dark, so we had to stay in the city of Almería instead of camping in nature, as we had no idea of where to go.  We found a family-run hostal in town, with a patio in the middle of the big, old house, and tall cei…

on the road again

Finally, on the road again. I'm a traveller in my heart. I love travelling.  Not travelling makes me feel claustrophobic, stuck, not able to breathe freely.  A few days on the road makes me feel like I peel off the dusty layers of routine. I feel like I'm scrubbing and peeling off the dirt from my being. I journey away from everyday life, everyday worries, everyday stuff, and i am free, new, scrubbed clean.  New, completely new. Journeying through what seemed like mountains of problem, creating soft hills of nothingness.  On the road again, cleaning my spirit, freeing my mind.  We are only here for a short time, anyway. It doesn't matter that much. I am only borrowing a piece of life. All I can do is breathe with the rhythm of life.  Coming back to the routine and I suddenly love it. I love Barcelona and I love cleaning my kitchen floor. I love my life, because I cleaned away the dirt from it.  On the road of life I am, clean again. 

the magnificent colors of just a regular day