Sometimes I daydream about my own past.
I think: Wow, remember when we walked down that lane in Penang, Malaysia, just before we met that wonderful Californian surfer, that we fell in love with? Wow, man, those were the days. 

Or I try to manifest the fragrance of that dark field, at night, in the moonlight. Manifest the feeling of breath, of night, of crickets, a dog's bark, in Tuscany, Italy. 

I daydream about walking into those very same situations. They were awesome, exciting, fearsome and necessary. I'd do it all again, too. I like the stories that I have created, tracing my steps all across the globe, spreading my soul across the lists of dreams I longed to fulfill. 

There are more. There is more. There was a lot. Really. Wow. Daydreaming of my own past, thinking --Wow.