the beauty of the fleeting

it's such a special feeling to visit a city that you used to live in. it's like taking all that time you took to discover its secrets and condensing it into the very best of the best. 
i love visiting London for that reason. five years of essence in one short visit. 
now barcelona. one year of living and now i have my local special secrets to enjoy. 
i still love the details of barcelona. i love the balconies with laundry. i love the sound of the steel curtains being pulled up in the early morning (11-am-ish!) and the smell of pee in raval doesn't disgust me when i am only visiting. 
i love the sound of barcelona-catalan (as opposed to ibiza-catalan!) and i am not irritated with my neighbours, as i know i won't have to listen to them for that many days.

i love taking a bicingbike and rolling all the way down through eixample to downtown barcelona. i love walking past the groups of checked-shorts-dressed tourists, knowing that i know more than them, even though i am also a foreigner. i love my apartment. i love barcleona-floor. i love the recycling-trend. i love the little small steps leading up to my flat. it doesn't bother me that the lights haven't been working now for three months, as i know ia m only here for a few days. 

everything temporary is easier to accept. easier to enjoy. easier to appreciate. 

makes me think. 

we KNOW life is temporary, and yet, we treat it as if it isn't. what if we reminded ourselves that each moment could be the last?
in fact, each moment is always the last of that particular moment. and then it is gone and it will never come back. 

i will try. to marvel at the constant magic. to wander in wonderland and open the blue eyes to the beauty of the ugly and the ugly of the beauty. all now. here.