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missing appointments and catching moments: summer 2012

in sweden, early morning, malmö. on the way to shoot the wedding i walked into a coffee place. the girl behind the bar whispered (not so silently) to her colleague "oh my god, i know her!!". she must have confused me with someone, thought i was famous.  i spent the rest of my visit to the coffee place dreaming of being famous. a famous writer. 

the opposites of man-made stripes and nature-made fragrant pink rose on a walk to visit my grandmother. 

opposites are funny and attract in Seved, the not so attractive part of Malmö

looking for a home

environmental care sweden loves it

multicultural augustenborg

falafel. my grandmother lived here since the 60's and she has no idea what falafel means. 


back on the island, i decided to take a look at the legendary Cafe del Mar.  it was mostly just boring, overrated, and full of tourists paying prices that could feed an afghanistani village. 

i paid €5 for a Fanta Limon. 

Punta Galera and Xucla is happy in the water

The sandstones ar…

the dream