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Cats & Dogs & Friends & Bellies: Trip to Israel

Happy Hanukah into the Sinai Desert

I have been eating one every day (almost). Fried donuts with jelly inside and full of calories. Yummy. Hannukah is in full celebration and one candle is being lit each night (8 nights, 8 candles) Latkes (potato thingies) and suvganiot (donuts) are being eaten. The potato thingies are called placki in polish and i grew up eating them at home, and very similar donuts from the bakerys in Poland. My dear Noam and I are having a constant argument, where I claim these foods are polish, and he thinks they're jewish. 
Anyway it's yummy and it feels like home. 

We are one the way to the Sinai desert, and this is the view from this morning. We are staying with friends on the way to Eilat and the border. It's silent and beautiful and worlds away from the hectic traffic stressed out people in Tel Aviv. 
In Sinai we'll have a break from internet, phones, traffic, noise. What a treat! A re-treat from the usual stress of modern life and a step right into the history of humanity. Very sp…

The life of Tine in Barcelona

Going Away and Coming Back

Going Away and Coming BackLinda Karlsson
I am one of those skeptical yoga practitioners. Although I used to be one of those big-blue-eyed-wide-open-stars-in-their-eyes-smiling-mildly-constantly kind of yoga practitioners. What happened in between the two states is a very long story, but let me tell you that it involved all the juicy ingredients of gurus, a yoga teacher husband old enough to be my father, ashrams, a near-death experience in India, Reiki certificates, vegan raw food frenzies, a degree in Sanskrit and Indian Philosophy, a cult, and a lot of self-proclaimed healers and teachers who kept saying the same phrase: "Don't worry. I will help you. Just follow me." Of course it was my fault that all of this happened. But I didn't realize to what extent I was sending out the helpless wide-open vibes of "Save me! Enlighten me! Help me!" I was looking, looking for myself, as we all do, more or less. I was doing it more, and I was doing it in extremes. I w…