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One year in Barcelona

I wish I could type this with a lovely alcoholic drink as my only company down this nostalgic, sad and bittersweet memory lane through my year in Barcelona. But that would be sort of nasty to the little life growing inside me. Even though he's kind of nasty to me, kicking and shuffling around in there, giving me heartburn and involuntary gas outbreaks, sleepless nights and big pain in my back.
But that's part of becoming a mother- learning unconditional love, sacrifice and more unconditional love.
I gave up this apartment in Decemeber 2012, with the help of the partner-in-crime of the one in the belly. We moved it all out, sold some of it, gave some away, and put some in storage. If you are ever interested in how you move in Barcelona, you can have a look at my Tidningen RES-blog here.
If I could have any alcoholic drink right now, it would be a Campari and soda. The soda would be from the classic and beautiful oh-so-Barcelona soda-bottle. Picture further down. They are sold …