37 weeks and 4 days

Im watching the sun go down with a cat on my left, a dog on my right, and an unborn being inside me. We've just been for a walk, all 4 of us.
Noam is in Barcelona buying a new car. I took him to the airport this morning and as we drove along the highway we were admiring the sunrise.
Days when you see both the sunrise and the sunset are special.
The beginning and the end.
Full circle.
It doesn't matter what's in between.
It's been beautiful to see the light and the clouds and the colours.
The moon is appearing; it is a tiny crescent.
Noam says maybe I'll give birth on the full moon.
It's time to go inside. It's getting cold- even with the added bonus heated body temperature that I'm blessed with lately.
Bona Nit.