39 weeks and 1 day

Oohps. I just realised i forgot the appointment I had with the midwife today.
Babybrains Bigtime.
Woke up at 10, lazy morning. Every day is slow, silent, meditative. Little dog & catwalks, picking flowers, having coffee.
I will just go there tomorrow at the same time and pretend I thought it was for Wednesday. I called to try and make a new appointment but the first one, they said, is on the 15th of April. I hope that by then I will have given birth and will be happily Babybrains together with Baby.
I'll just go tomorrow with my excuse and I'm sure she'll squeeze me in.
Just did a yoga nidra session. It worked far better for me than the hypnobirthing I've been doing. Maybe coz I know yoga nidra from many years of practicing it. I'm not sure I believe in hypnobirthing. I know I believe in yoga nidra. It's all in the mind anyway. If we believe that something works, it does work. If we don't believe...

Time to stand on my head. I hope the heartburn will stay away.