Something so Beautiful

I've seen this man change
Inside him shines a diamond
When I first met him I sensed the diamond
But it had a lot if smoke curtains clouding it up
The smoke curtains have opened slowly during the past nine months
At first he held onto his curtains, shielding his soul. Attached to the curtains, identifying with them, he couldn't imagine shedding his layers
But slowly, he took a deep breath
He relaxed his grip
And more and more, he accepted that life would soon change
He had no idea, still, to exactly what
He didn't know what was to come
Ups and downs, fear and doubt
Curtains being pulled aside more and more
Until the moment
When the smoky curtains blew up
And he stood there, in his own light
He is made from love, this man
I saw it in his eyes the first time we met, I saw it beyond the smoke screen and I persisted with patience for the diamond to gather its courage to shine
A father is born
And it is something so beautiful


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