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I just can't stop kissing this sweetiepie


I love being a mother!
It's surprising somehow.. That I feel this good.  So much love, power and strength!!

Apricots and Clouds

It's a cloudy day and according to the iPhone it's going to rain. Strange, so late in may.
The apricots are still sour. I think they need another two days to be ready. Thinking if what kind of cake can be made from them. 
This morning I got an hour (or two?) of extra sleep as my man took our baby for some fun in the kitchen.  I got used to very light sleep with a lot of dreams.  All night I had a continuous bad dream and once I got to the morning hours' sleep without baby next to me, I sleep really really deeply for the first time in ages.  But the bad dreams continued and I woke up feeling stiff, far away and with a bad feeling. 
I feel I'm not giving enough attention to my man, my dog, and myself. It's all about sweet baby.  I'll try to give everyone some attention today.  Walk, yoga, massage.

My sleeping Sweet

My sleeping angel... So sweet
I'm trying to wake myself up  Crawled to the drawer to get some chocolate To prepare for the moment little angel wakes up and I need to be awake Sleepless nights Days with naps Night and day become a blur All melting into one big zombiestate of love, cuteness, smiles and cries


Me and my Baby