Apricots and Clouds

It's a cloudy day and according to the iPhone it's going to rain. Strange, so late in may.
The apricots are still sour. I think they need another two days to be ready. Thinking if what kind of cake can be made from them. 

This morning I got an hour (or two?) of extra sleep as my man took our baby for some fun in the kitchen. 
I got used to very light sleep with a lot of dreams. 
All night I had a continuous bad dream and once I got to the morning hours' sleep without baby next to me, I sleep really really deeply for the first time in ages. 
But the bad dreams continued and I woke up feeling stiff, far away and with a bad feeling. 

I feel I'm not giving enough attention to my man, my dog, and myself. It's all about sweet baby. 
I'll try to give everyone some attention today. 
Walk, yoga, massage.