05 July 2013

Stealing Lemons

So today's project was to bake carrot muffins.
Pi didn't really agree that I should take so much time, so actually it took me about five hours of doing little bits here and there.
He woke up just when I'd finished the dough. As I breastfed him, I mixed the dough, and as I held his head with one hand, I dunked the dough into the forms with the other.
For the icing, I needed lemons, but we didn't have any at home.
I put Pi in the BabyBjörn and whistled to Xucla, and went for a beautiful walk. The heat had finally cooled and the light was golden.
I stole two lemons from a nearby neighbor- and old farmer's couple, who didn't pick last year's lemons.
We then had a walk through the fields, whose colours are now turning golden and brown from the heat.
We walked past the house of the duck farm and Xucla was very curious. Then we walked past the house of our crazy neighbor with the five dogs and twenty cats and two goats and a drugdealer boyfriend, and they had a huge soundsystem playing dance tunes, vibrating over the silent, golden fields.
As we got back home, Pi was hungry again, so we laid down outside our caravan and watched the sunset, me and Xucla. And Pi was watching me watching the sunset as he ate his dinner.
Back to the Dream and a few more hours of muffins-making. They are now ready- first time try- but with one major mistake. The icing sugar was old and lumpy so the icing is full of little hard bits of sugar.
Oh well.
They are in the fridge, Pi is finally sleeping in the Baby Björn, and I had some dinner, too.
Beautiful night tonight.

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